Welcome to mnesia

This wiki was born out of the need that when we learn something important we should not let time ruin it in any way. Humans have a natural tendency to forget, and if you are like us, heavily into academics, the price of forgetting is high. This is a place where we will blog and ask questions on what we have understood and how to improve on it and more importantly what we might forget. Thus the name mnesia.
This blog was created in Nov 2009 and will grow slowly in size. We will be beginning with the topics of Machine learning(Statistical and AI Perspective) and NLP and include programming snippets, benchmarks etc.

Secondly it will contain a landing page for my projects also.

Symptoms of mnesia ('cause I have it :) ):
1) Often the learned lesson or the gist of something you work on hard is never forgotten, the mind can easily recall a lot of facts you had to go over and over again... But some underlying intricacies and concepts that help in critical analysis of those facts are often forgotten. Tersely put, I once recall how I remembered why SVM's are better than Neural nets, but may forgot why it was so!!
2) Often one forgets where we read a certain idea. Where was that mentioned? We need to keep track of the sources... (OK there are book marks for this, you'd say!! But you often need the link present in the context of what you are discussing....)

Treatment for mnesia (cause I should!!):
Pretty simple. Write all your experiences. Document Document Document!!!!

Enjoy and contribute!!
And remember ignorance is not bliss!!